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  McD's China 1000th Store Grand Opening Ceremony (Nov.2008)
  McDonald's China Valentine's Day PR event (Feb.2008)
  RMHC GZ Kid's Center & Family Village Launch (Nov.2007)
  24-Hour Restaurant and Moonman Promotion(Jun. 2007)
McDonalds'NBA Ring(Apr. 2007)
  McDonald’s Signing with Yi Jianlian as its new Advertising Endorser(Jan. 2007)
McDonalds'NBA Ring(Apr. 2007)


Project introduction:
McDonalds’ was promoting 18 different rings which stood for different NBA teams to attract the youth’s interest. And McDonalds’ in Foshan held a press release conference of the charity “love children”, Dengchao , Yi Jianlian and Zhufang made their appearance in the activity to promote its idea.

On-site Photos

Group photo

Children’s performance