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Health U Press release of new product of Korea tea
  BEA Foshan Branch Opening Ceremony (Jan,2010)
Health U Press release of new product of Korea tea


Yu longtang is the first Korean tea imported to China. In order to set up the company’s image and improve customers’ awareness, establish good relationship with media and enlarge its network, Health U held a press conference in Guangzhou White Swan Hotel.


Our challenges:
1. We keep close contact with media and collect the onsite recording and pictures to send them.
2. Due to the Labor Day holiday, the newspaper pages are in need.


onsite photos:

SOC is welcoming the media

Korean Dancing

The president of Health U China is giving welcome speech

The Representative is giving a speech

Mr Mai is communicating with the reporters.

Group photo of Health U staff and the present staff


Our achievement
The publish rate reached 90% and 19 media reported the event.


Media clips:

Guangzhou Daily 2006-4-20 A26-Industry and Economy

South Daily 2006-4-20 B2Health food

News Express 2006-4-21 X14observation

Yangcheng Evening 2006-4-24 B8 Food
Modern Pictures 2006-6 135-Fashion  

City Pictures 2006-6-9 38-Information