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  Carlsberg Chill Happy Bus Shelter Project in Beijing (July, 2009)
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  The launch of Advertorial about Qinghai-Tibet Highway's open (Aug~Oct. 2006)
  2006Blue Ocean Strategy subject PR(Mar to Apr,Aug to Sept, 2006)
The launch of advertorial in Lhasa (Tibetan New Year)
  The national launch of the tenth advertorial of Carlsberg
The launch of advertorial in Lhasa (Tibetan New Year)


Brief Introduction

The topic of this round of advertorial campaign is “Carlsberg, bring good luck to you in Golden Pig Year.” When the Tibetan New Year came, Carlsberg started special promotion campaign based on Tibetan habits and characteristics.

Our Achievement

1.       The three media agency we chose all delivered the advertorial.

2.       Our article had been put in the News page.


The topic of this campaign is Carlsberg’s blessing for Tibetan New Year. We focused on the new year promotion and greeting, so the news page is the best choice. Judged by the results, we finally reached the expected effect.

Tibet Daily

Tibet Shang Bao

Lhasa Wan Bao