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National Promotion Project for Carlsberg Chill New TVC(Jan, 2010)

Period: January, 2010

  Following the new TVC broadcasting in January,2010. Carlsberg Chill start the latest round of brand communication. The chife actor who had been together with his friends when his wife was on a business trip attracted attentions of internet audience. To enhance the popularity, reputation and responsibility  of Carlsberg Chill, we developed tailor-made PR proposal for "Happy Integrated concept", which will perfectly reflect the brand slogan “Stand up for fun” and 2010 new TVC message  "100% happy brewing"  through comprehensive promotion project.

Opportunities and Challenges:
  1. Most of media would not report advertisement directly for brand only except there are some stars activity or below-the-line activities.
  2. The new and original AD story and the attitude of the chife actor in the new TVC which may attract  discussion of man and women topic.
  3. The hit TV play series Dwelling Narrowness make it easy to attract culture and humanistic  focus. But in the same time, it might lose freshness while we used Dwelling Narrowness frequently.

  1. The chief actor was called “wife on trip man”. We combined “wife on trip man” with the keyword  “Dwelling Narrowness”  and change the title as “ the happy approach of wife on trip man in the Dwelling Narrowness time”, which may attract more attention from readers.
  2. Different versions of press articles are prepared according to different media pages so that the maximum coverage rate can be achieved.
  3. Final we achieve 100 percent finishing in 36 national key point media, there is 15 in all 25 print medias released image reports.

Coverage and Advertising Value:
  1. The total circulation of print media is 13,843,000, which reached 45,189,000 readers.
  2. Advertising Value: total ad value for the campaign is RMB 385,660.

Partial Achievement
                                                                                                   2010-01-08-Beijing Times
                                                                                        2010-01-14-Life Style
                                                                                        2010-01-18-Shanghai Morning Post
                                                                                                 2010-02-10-Shanghai Times
                                                                                    2010-01-13-Xin Chao
                                                                                           2010-01-13-New Express
                                                                                                2010-01-08-Nanning Evening