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Carlsberg Chill Happy Case Integrated Promotion Project (Feb 2010)

Period: February  2009

  Following the great successful launch of the interactive "Happy Bus Shelter" in 2009, In 2010Carlsberg Chill in-depth cooperates with “kaixin001.com” and continues to spread  ”The Happiness Index” to the Internet and encourage people being happy everyday, . It burst the "happy storm" all over China  mainland again. “Being happy” is going to become the  leading culture in a short time. It also attracted attentions from both local and national media .To enhance the popularity, reputation and CSR of Carlsberg Chill, we developed tailor-made PR proposal for "Happy Integrated Campaign", which  perfectly reflected the brand slogan “Stand up for fun” through comprehensive promotion campaign.

Opportunities and Challenges:
  1. Most of Daily newspaper especially the key printed media, are extremely restricted to large influencing marketing news in their reporting ,  we have to prepare the news stuffs as more as possible , It's really a big challenge we've met.
  2. The news angle was focus on comprehensive analysis and prospect of Carlsberg Chill marketing strategies, which was attractive to the media.

  1. We made huge efforts to prepare the campaign ,such as tough communication of  the key printed media and marketing magazine.
  2. Although the time slot was narrow  and page space was limited , we still achieved the goal to accomplish the tasks on all of our target media .
  3. Different versions of press articles are prepared according to different media pages so that the maximum coverage rate can be achieved.

Coverage and Advertising Value:
  1. The total circulation of print media is 4,925,600, which reached 16,188,000 readership.
  2. Advertising Value: total ad value for the campaign is RMB 659,500.

Partial Achievement:

                                                                                             2010-02-03-Marketing China
                                                                               2010-03-03-Southern Metropolis daily
                                                                                     2010-03-05-Shanghai Evening Post
                                                                                     2010-03-China Marketing