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The exclusive interview of Marketing China to President Wang Keqin (Feb ,2010)
Period: February ,2010

  Own the history of 160 years products, Carlsberg Group has yet created a younger, more high-end brand image on a way of expanding mainland market in China. With the enlargement of market share and the launch of new product, Carlsberg hope to publicize the corporate culture and brand ideas more directly and comprehensively through exclusive interview, in order to gain more public awareness. Based on the full knowledge of the need of our client, SOC finally chooses the “Marketing China” and successfully conducted a  exclusive interview to President Wang Keqin .

Opportunities and challenges:
  1. With the coming of Spring Festival, working schedule  of President Wang has been almost full, on the other hand, there are many tasks of journalists, so there might be time clash.
  2. The limited time will be a big  challenge to the execution of the project.

  1. Full knowledge of the needs of corporate and we made a series  of media research
  2. Successfully finish the project through mutual and effective team cooperation in the limited time
  3. Take full advantages of good media relation within our company, effectively coordinate and finally make the exclusive interview when the time of client clashes with that of journalist.

Circulation rate and advertising value:
  1. In this propaganda, there will be 110,000 copies of print media circulation in total. With the calculation of daily × 3 and weekly magazines × 5 of circulation volume, this propaganda will reach 550,000 people.
  2. Based on the advertising value calculation of different size in the same page of each media, the Print Media will earn advertising value equal to RMB180,000 in this propaganda.

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