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Carlsberg Chill Happy Bus Shelter Project in Beijing (July, 2009)

        Following the successful launch of the interactive "Happy Bus Shelter" in 4 key cities of Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming and Xi'an in 2008, Carlsberg Chill continues to spread it to Shanghai and covered almost all the key local media in May, 2009. It’s recorded nearly 3,800,000 persons are involved in the game and 50 key media released reports in these 5 cities. In July, its pace finally arrived in Beijing and as the final campaign, the result of “Happy Index’ in Beijing will affect the ranking of other cities; and will also attract attentions from both local and national media. Based on the PR experience and success in previous 5 cities, we take charge of the campaign in Beijing. To enhance the popularity, reputation and CSR of Carlsberg Chill, we developed tailor-made PR proposal for "Happy Bus Shelter", which will perfectly reflect the brand slogan “Stand up for fun” through comprehensive media campaign.

Opportunities and Challenges:
        1.As the final campaign, we need to boost up the achievement on media coverage to a higher level in Beijing, which needs comprehensive and integrated PR and media strategy.
        2.This campaign covered the widest media range in 6 cities, with 70 media from print, TV, radio and online media. Much careful preparation and excellent PR skills are required to communicate with all the media and provide appropriate news angles to arouse their attention.   
        3.As the capital city, the media in Beijing are extremely restricted to use styling and branding information in their report; we have to dig out the news value of our campaign to match the requirements from national and local media.
        4.In the Happy Bus Shelter, the device will calculate the "Happiness Index" and remind the people on their mental health. It's the pioneer in nationwide and will easily catch the media's eyes.
        5.Gathering the successful PR experience in previous 5 cities, we will find new angles based on local life and city features for Beijing, as well as the summary of “Happy Index” in 6 cities to attract the media’s attention.
        6.With the authority and wide coverage of national media and news agency, we finally successfully spreaded “Happy Bus Shelter” to the whole nation.

        1.Due to our successful media strategy, almost all the key media, including print, TV, radio and online media in Beijing had publicized positive reports. Furthermore, under the extremely restricted media situation against branding information, however, nearly 80% clippings published Carlsberg Chill’s slogan and Logo.
        2.Carlsberg Chill won 35 print media clippings on Beijing Campaign, including 4 front-page clippings on Beijing Evening News, Beijing Morning Post, Beijing Youth Daily and The Beijing News.
        3.Xinhua News Agency and China News Agency released national news report on Happy Bus Shelter for its news value. Besides, Xinhua News Agency released image report and China News Agency made follow-up reports covering the duration of the campaign.
        4.41 other key print media in the nation copied the report including People’s Daily (Overseas Edition), Hong Kong Commercial Daily and Macao Daily News.
        5.Besides, the achievement on TV media was also very outstanding. Morning News, First Report and On-time Report, which are most influential news programs on CCTV, all reported the campaign. As China’s largest national and official TV network, CCTV holds the most of audiences and the highest attention by both government and citizens in China. Totally 7 clippings form 3 programs were generated, summing up to 16 minutes of coverage.
        6.Meanwhile, with our in-depth cooperation with Beijing TV, 14 programs on 6 channels broadcast positive reports on the campaign including Special Focus, the leading news program in Beijing, interviewed the interactive game with “Line Up Day”. Finally 14 programs had reported the news for 20 times, summing up to over 50 minutes of coverage.
        7.The most welcomed three radio stations also released postive reports at prime-time, while 550 online media, including many portals such as Sina.com, 163.com, etc., copied the report.

Coverage and Advertising Value:
        1.The total circulation of 35 print media is 16,923,000, which reached 54,169,000 readers.
        2.41 media copied the report with total circulation of 13,180,000 and covered 39,540,000 readers.
        3.The print media copying the report of “Happy Bus Shelter” covers 70.58% area of China.
        4.Advertising Value: total ad value for the campaign is RMB 1,484,310, in which RMB 1,189,512 for print media and RMB 294,798 for copying media.

Partial Achievement:

Journalists Reporting

2009-07-06-CCTV News Channel and CCTV-1 Morning News

2009-07-05-Beijing Evening News -Front Page Headline

2009-07-06-The Beijing News -Front Page Headline

2009-07-06-Beijing Morning Post -Front Page Headline

2009-07-06-Beijing Youth Daily -Front Page Headline