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Carlsberg Chill Happy Bus Station Project in Western China(Oct-Nov,2008)

Following the successful launch of the interactive "Happy Bus Station" in Guangzhou in July, Carlsberg Chill continues to spread it to 3 important cities in Western China: Chengdu, Kunming and Xi'an in October and November. The bus station with creative design, interactive gimmicks and caring for mental health are welcomed by peoples in these 3 cities. The "happy storm" swept those cities and it's recorded over 200,000 persons involved in the game.

Opportunities and Challenges:
The initially launched, unique and creative interactive devices on bus station are popular with peoples.

The device will calculate the "Happiness Index" in the bus station, in order to remind all the peoples with mental health of themselves. It's the pioneer in nationwide so it caught the media's eyes.

The news value of this project is intensive and the coverage is quite wide, in spite of Chengdu, Kunming and Xi'an, we even covered most of cities in Central and Western China and a great number of media agencies involved.

The project needs close communication and monitor with local printed media, as we had to publish a batch of press release in Chengdu, Kunming and Xi'an on the launch date of Happy Bus Station (same date for 3 cities). Actually we had little communication with those local media before; however, we finally achieve it.

We have contacted the popular news programs from over 10 TV stations in these 3 cities for reporting of Happy Bus Station. The complexity and "always-changing"style of TV media usually made the task much more difficult than normal ones.

Most of media in 3 cities, especially the key printed and TV media, are extremely restricted to brand information in their report, while we have to show it as more as possible ; it's really a big challenge we've met. 

There are 15 target media in 3 cities and 22 had reported the Happy Bus Station. The releasing rate presents to 150%.

There are pre-event and post-event report in Kunming and Xi'an, these 2 session are well responding and make the campaign successfully spread out.  

For printed media, the reports are mainly released on page of Key News, City/Local News and Community News, etc., a lot of media even released caption photos in big size, which made it a great news impact.
It has won 4 clippings on front pages on Spring City Evening, City Times and Chinese Business View in 3 cities.

Over 10 TV station in 3 cities all focused on the Happy Bus Station and released positive report. The high exposures made it quite famous and the brand got great fame in 3 cities.
451 online media copied the report initiately, and many portals including Sina.com, 163.com, Xinhuanet.com even release detailed reports


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