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Carlsberg ALPS Action 2nd round PR promotion (April, 2008)

Project background: 
  Earlier in UEFA EURO 08 final competition, the official patron of UEFA EURO Carlsberg launched the ALPS action with CCTV, which the audience who watched the program and answered the question correctly could win an opportunity of being a lucky man. The lucky star would represent Chinese football fans to award the “Man of the match” of the final game. Our goal was to promote this unprecedented event and maximized client’s reputation.

Our Challenges:
1. Enhance Carlsberg brand and ALPS action’s awareness in target audience, especially in sports fans.
2. Spread that the product information of Carlsberg changes her label for UEFA EURO and customers can buy quota beer which has “UEFA EURO” logo printed on during the game.
3. Sports news pages always put their sight on hot news and competition itself, our core information is not quite relevant to the UEFA EURO games.
4. Approaching to the 08 Beijing Olympic Games, major medium seize their precious page space for Olympic info, this brings us difficulty on putting messages on the relevant pages.

Our efforts:
1. In order to strengthen Carlsberg’s official sponsor image in the audience, we select several ways to deliver our message. Not only telling the truth but also sharing various interesting stories of the game. And these features arouse media’s interest and ensure the high delivery quality.
2. To gain maximum social attention, we compose a dramatic title to stimulate Chinese fans’ patriotism and enhance the relevance between article and sports.
3. With the effective dissemination of UEFA EURO effect, we communicate with sports reporters and editors positively to ensure great support in layout arrangement, style and content.
4. Through medium layout is extremely in tension before Olympics, we try our best to ensure the word “Carlsberg” will appears in the article and final we achieve 100 percent finishing and gain satisfying results. Our advertorial is published smoothly by 50 medium in a 65 targets media list, and over 293 online web pages reproduced our article.

Parts of Clipping:

Chengdu Business Daily-2008-04-28-sports .jpg

Color Weekly-2008-5-1-P27-Bar.jpg


Super City Weekly-2008-4-30-A13- Weekly Sales. Jpg

The Beijing News-08-04-30-D06-Travel.jpg

Yangcheng Evening News-2008-5-9-B3-Entertainment.jpg

Zhongshan Daily-2008-4-24-A12-Sports.jpg

Zhuhai Special Zone News-2008-4-28-P08-Sports.jpg