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Carlsberg Chill × MYV Release LIVE Music Yunshi He Fans' Party in Guangzhou and Jiangmen

Project Background
  Aiming to transmit the young and fashion grade of Carlsberg Chill further and the elements corresponding with pop music, Carlsberg held another LIVE music show. That was Yunshi He Fans’ Party in Guangzhou and Jiangmen. It was the first music show in Jiangmen and the third one in Guangzhou, after May Day’s concert in July and Jingxuan Zhang + Yonger’s concert in August. Yunshi He who is the successor of new generation queen in musical circle of Hong Kong impressed the fashion music beats with fans.

Our Challenges:
◆ Deepen the public media’s comprehension of the relevance between Carlsberg Chill and fashion music’s trend. Set up the relationship between our client and public media for the further PR propaganda.
◆ Communicate with public media completely so that it can report the music event comprehensively and positively in a short time.
◆ Transmit the information that we release ourselves through fashion music what is the Carlsberg Chill initiating.
◆ Set up the young fashion image that Carlsberg Chill has.

Our Effort:
◆ To ensure that the activity can carry on successfully, we remained a long time to check the space and the traffic in advance. Before the Fans’ Party in Jiangmen, we spent a lot of time in traffic arrangement to ensure that the public media in Zhuhai who are far away from Jiangmen can reach on time.
◆ We prepared for contingent accidence completely. Thinking of the complexity of gymnasium, we sent more staffs to the Party.
◆ We tried our best to solve the accidence which happen in Guangzhou Fans’ Party and relieved the public media to the largest extent.
◆ In the Fans’ Party, we went with the TV station to make sure it can take photographs according to our request. At the same time, we took photos in the entire journey. Finally, Carlsberg Chill has a wide exposure.

Relevant Pictures:

 Press conference

 Denise listens to the journalists carefully

 Denise performing

 Guangzhou Daily-2007-10-21-A12-Entertainment-Stars

 Nanfang Daily-2007-10-21-11-Entertainment

 Southern Metropolis Daily-2007-10-22-B04-Entertainment News

 New Express-2007-10-21-A13-New entertainment-News

 Modern Weekly-2007-11-17-D34

 Color Weekly-2007-Vol.220-Color Stage

 Entertainment Weekly-2007-11-08