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Launch of new products of Amoi
  Comprehensive strategic cooperation of Amoi and Microsoft press conference (Jun, 2005)
  Media promotion activity for the opening of Amoi flagship retail chains store in China Plaza (July, 2005)
  3G strategy and product launch conference (Oct, 2004 )
  Hong Kong Global 3G Telecommunication Exhibition (Nov. 2004)
Launch of new products of Amoi


Brief Introduction
On 13th July, Amoi held the biggest new products issuance activity this year in the Beijing. It braught out 6 types of intelligent mobile phone. Intelligent mobile phone was the strategic product of Amoi in the whole 2006, it also was an important product for Amoi to walk out from low ebb, competing with international brands. Chinese new pop star Li Yu Chun became the image ambassador of Amoi.


Li Yu Chun

Li Yu Chun showed the new product with a model