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2011 DWC Awarding Ceremony of Top 10 Elites Election Contest
2011 DWC Awarding Ceremony of Top 10 Elites Election Contest

Mizone always plays close attention to the living condition of the young urbanites. In order to arouse the young urbanites’ concerns on their living condition, Mizone joined hands with Sohu host the 2011 Top 10 Elites Election Contest, encouraging the young face the “suck” moment in their lives with a positive attitude, and restore themselves into a good condition.
Management from DWC and Sohu, experts in psychology and demographic research, media from Televisions, magazines and newspaper, as well as 10 white-collar elites were invited to the ceremony.

Our Challenges

  1. As a controller of the event, we must manage to coordinate the relationship among the host Sohu, the client DWC and the vendor, and fully communicate with them.
  2. We need to design a perfect process for the event, in particular the game part, trying to convey the key message of the event while would be able to lead the atmosphere.
  3. We should make full preparation for the backdrop design, the easy-pull banner, as well as all kinds of paperwork for the event, including the press release and the speech draft for the MC.
  4. We need to well complete the site layout; go through the rehearsal; confirm the lights and music are in their good condition, ensuring the event run smoothly. Moreover, always get ready for any type of emergencies.
  5. It is important for us to keep good communication with the guests and well manage the reception work.

Our Efforts

  1. Well controlled the flow of the event, precisely set up the lights and background music in every part of the event. The participants did a very good job in the game part, fully demonstrating their extraordinary resourcefulness and the acute wit as well, profoundly manifesting the key message of the event and at the same time pushing the on-site atmosphere to a new high.
  2. Kept good communication with the guests and the media, well managed each part of the event.
  3. Properly allocated the SOC staffs for being in charge of different part of the event to ensure the whole event run smoothly.

Our Achievements
Scene photos of the 2011 DWC Awarding Ceremony of Top 10 Elites Election Contest

Experience of the Tilting Crystal Channel

Senior Brand Manger of DWC Marketing Department, Linda Neu delivered a speech

MaTianyu performed Save the World

The Game Part for the 10 participants

Juries gave the comments to the participants

Media voted for the winner

Awarding and photo taking

2011 DWC Top 10 Elites Election Contest concluded with a perfect ending