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ASUS F6 Montevina Notebook Guangzhou Launch(Aug.2008)
ASUS F6 Montevina Notebook Guangzhou Launch(Aug.2008)

Case introductions:
 ASUS is well-known for high-quality and innovative technology. In 2008, ASUS would launch the first notebook with fragrance in the world. This new series of products with different smell and color will create the new generation of digital experience.

Our aims:
 1、Hold a high quality and fashion launch featuring F6’s traits and market position;
 2、Keep good relationship with media and partners;
 3、To enhance the images and brand awareness of ASUS.

Our challenge:
 1. Submit a creative proposal that can feature F6’s traits with different smell and color;
 2. Search for the appropriate place to hold the event;
 3. Search for high quality vendors and props , such as models, clothes, music etc;
 4. Except IT media, we should invite the media on fashion/lifestyle pages.

Our efforts:
 1、 Providing a proposal that could highly exposure the products. Two creative sections suggested in the proposal: (1) interactive game before the launch (2) invite the perfume lecturer to share tips on how to use perfume
 2、 According to different styles of F6, we set up four areas with different life styles decoration to strengthen the character of the products;
 3、 We select the models and train them strictly. At the mean time ,we do a lot on the clothing and music selecting , in order to make the catwalk part can highlights the style of the products;
 4、 Invite the perfume lecturer to make a speech;
 5、 Select and train the MC strictly;
 6、 Invite over 50 media on IT and fashion pages attending the event, and ensure 100% exposure rate.
 7、 Detailed internal job allocation and overall control to make the event went smoothly
 8、 Keep good communication with the client and make quick response.



Product showroom

Game area

Catwalk show

Speech of ASUS Product Director

Media Q&A

Speech of the Perfume lecturer

Lucky draw

Media interview