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68° Wuliangye National Meeting of Distributors(Apr. 2005)
68° Wuliangye National Meeting of Distributors(Apr. 2005)



project introduction

Wuliangye is brewed in a unique way and it is the most classic in China. The general office of 68°Wuliangye---Hongtengda Trading Company in Yibing, Sicun held 68°Wuliangye National Meeting of Distributors in Macao on Apr. 15th 2005 to express gratitude to the distributors and set adjectives and strategies for 2005.


Our challenges:

We have done a lot of preparation in advance, including searching the major media’s telephone numbers, inviting 12 core media and arranging accommodation for them before hand and the follow-up activities and media contact and the collection of media clips and project summarization.


Our aims:

1. Take advantage of this event to introduce the advertising strategies in 2005 and the company’s view of the wine market in 2005.

2. Draw and retain the media’s attention and support


our efforts:

1.       Because of the agency and the complicated procedure of getting passbooks, we invited the main media in 7 major cities in 10 days.

2.       The event coincided with the Canton Fair, we managed successfully to get air tickets and hotel room reserved.

3.       On the second day after the meeting, we arranged an activity for reporters and received good feedback.

4.       We did our best to keep contact with media to make sure that the information can be published in time.


Our achievement

The event received high cover rate, nearly 12 articles on newspapers and magazines. And until July, 19 media published reports about Wuliangye with the help of our follow-up tasks.

Case appraisal:

This event tentatively advertised the strategic slogan and set up its reputation. It also offered a communicative opportunity for the company and the press, which paved the road for their future relationship.

However, due to time inadequacy, some reports were not published in time. Besides, Macao party delayed the hotel check-in, and reporters had to hurried to get to the hotel, which affected the starting time of the meeting. Lastly, the Labor Day Holiday delayed the publication of some reports.